Vista Planning & Design

​Places With Meaning

Concentrix is Vista’s philosophy where we believe in creating a whole life experience. Our design of spatial and social connections serve to enhance our quality of life by integrating complete environmental ethic in a sustainable and restorative framework with a strong livable community value system. Our goal is a whole lifestyle rich with complete meaning.

Vista Planning & Design specializes in being comprehensive. Master planning, site design, and landscape architecture are the core service offerings from which spring expertise in many areas of community planning landscape architecture, and the design of places.

Vista seeks to create spaces that improve our lives by improving our experience through spatial design and deep social engagement. By deciphering the linkages in our cultural lives and physical surroundings, we better understand that a successful project is not just about the design of spaces but an all-encompassing approach that brings our social ways in close connection with the design of spaces. We have a relationship to our community and our environment. Both are important and are involved together in our design process. Both are key to the enrichment of our lives.