City Assessment & SWOT Analysis

Front end, on-the-ground analysis is one of the most important aspects of Vista‚Äôs process. It is what Vista refers to as our City 101 Boot Camp. Essentially this process is an intensive on-the-ground self-introduction to the city. Vista will drive at least 90% of the street and make detailed notes everywhere visited. This information is filtered onto a working map and then finalized with detailed notes keyed with numbers applied to the map. The result is a map that will be a guide for continued analysis and discussion. It is very common for a resident, even long-term residents, to not be familiar with all parts of their city. This analysis lays open an outsider’s comprehensive view of what is observed without prior information. The work tends to be very objective without institutional knowledge of qualifiers as to why an area may be the way it is.

One of the most powerful elements of the process is that the information is a hybrid of observations that comprise simple facts of conditions but also identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). Moving forward several of the SWOT elements may be explored for a more detailed and exciting stimulus project. See the section on Economic Strategies. This practice area is a necessary part of comprehensive planning but also stands alone as a service due to the power of information that is developed out of the process.

Project Samples

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