Economic Strategies

With cities being the economic engines of the country then it stands to reason that the economic strategies have to be embedded within all strategies and analysis within city planning projects. Through the process of city assessment and SWOT analysis, several opportunities come to light that contribute a suite of stimulus strategies, from low-hanging fruit projects that assist a city to move economic vitality in the right direction to projects more aggressive for significant economic impact.

This practice area is not a conventional economic analysis performed by expert economists but real viable strategies based on Vista’s 28 years of experience in development consulting, landscape architecture, and 20 years of planning experience. More sophisticated economic analysis with a broader and deeper scope can be accomplished by Vista partnering with partnering companies. Vista’s practice zeros in on specific projects and strategies that cities can begin to implement immediately.

​Typically programs that have been identified for cities in the past have been a blend of policy, incentives, 3P, real estate development, and programming strategies. In some cases, the strategy is strongly program-oriented and the strategies attempt to solve a wide variety of issues that a city may face. This practice area is a necessary part of comprehensive planning but also stands alone as a service due to the power of information that is developed out of the process.

Project Samples

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