Park Planning

The design and planning of spaces that contribute to the leisure, health, physical activities, entertainment, and remembrance in a city comprise a special practice area for Vista. Both private and public parkland and open space planning are important for a community and city and require much broader analysis and consideration than simply the border and adjacent land uses, but all parks are part of a system important for providing the functions designed for as well as a place that may connect to a broader system of trails, or perform important functions for stormwater drainage, buffering of land uses, heat mitigation, and spaces for health and wellness.

Vista’s experience spans a very broad spectrum of parkland and open space types, from private community swim centers to sport and open space public parks, splash pads, and water parks to city-wide parks, trails, and open space master plans. New areas of research for Vista include the incorporation of educational and intelligence stimulus, as well as therapeutic and wellness spaces.

Project Samples

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